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The ordinary becomes extraordinary

An ordinary day sometimes becomes extraordinary. On Monday, January 23, I got a phone call from a dear friend of mine to say that his wife had suddenly collapsed, had no pulse and wasn't breathing. He did CPR on her and after nearly two weeks in ICU, she's recovering and is able to sit up on the edge of the bed for short periods of time. On that Monday, she was gone from this world for 10 minutes until the paramedics arrived and restarted her heart. If her husband had not done CPR, she would not be alive.

Routine resumes...

The Christmas season and the ensuing Christmas break creates a gap in the year. It's as if normal, everyday life goes on hold for approximately three weeks and then, once New Year's Day is over, one is expected to jump right back into normal life and routine as if there was no break. Having a break is nice of course but the disruption of routine makes it more difficult to get back into the rhythm of the weeks. It's even harder for a special needs four year old who thrives on routine, hence the more frequent meltdowns.

Happy New Year 2012

Another year has come and gone. 2011 had its highs and its lows both globally and personally but as a new calendar year begins, I feel very lucky. I have a great husband, two wonderful little boys, the best siblings, kind and loving parents, a job that I love and I won the life lottery by being born in Canada in the first place.

November News

Halloween is over and I have to write that Halloween is better with kids. We took both Benjamin and Daniel trick or treating for the first time and they loved it. We had to run to keep up with Ben. Of course, we didn't go far and we're eating most of the candy; we are responsible parents, after all! We live in a predominantly South Asian neighbourhood and Halloween and Diwali occur within a fews days of each other which means an almost nightly fireworks display. Ben was growling with delight!

October News

October is turning into a pleasantly busy month. My voice studio is active as always. Our boys Daniel and Benjamin are like twins right now in that they are at approximately the same level and into everything. Still, they seem to love having students around. They'll even clap for students and greet them at the door. At 4 years and 16 months respectively, they are truly adorable.

Voice Teaching & More!

The wonderful thing about the West Coast is the fact we have seasons. We went from dressing in summer clothes to starting the furnace all within the space of five days.

The change of seasons brings a new year in a way. It's certainly that way for teachers, even private music teachers like me. Now that my beautiful little boy is 15 months old and my other little boy is nearly 4 years old, I am expanding my teaching roster. If you or any of your friends are interested in taking voice lessons, beginner piano or theory lessons, I now have some extra openings.

New website launched!

Welcome to my beautiful new website. A very special thank you to my drummer, brother and web designer Loren Davidson for giving me this wonderful website as a birthday present. What could be finer?

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