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Surprise, Surprise

Preparing for the upcoming Laudate concert program “Timeless Treasures” (Sat., March 7 at the Gordon Smith Gallery, North Vancouver and Sat., March 14 at Pyatt Hall, Vancouver) has been full of surprises. I have been in the choir for a long time - I’m like a bad penny or a house guest with an undetermined departure date or a STI in that I just seem to keep coming back.

The Small Joys

I have been lucky enough throughout my life as a musician to experience a few very brief moments where I understood the wonder and the interconnectedness of the music that I was performing. If you are very, very lucky, you may get a handful of these moments in your lifetime and you don’t always have to perform music in order to achieve them. I call the experience understanding beauty but it is called many things – in the zone, nirvana, sartori, seeing God, a mystical experience, transcendence. Whatever you want to call the experience, it doesn’t happen often to a person, if at all.

Merry Christmas From an Infidel

According to Collins English dictionary, an infidel is “a person who has no religious belief; an unbeliever”. That fits my personal religious beliefs quite nicely. I believe in the interconnectedness of the universe. I am not hostile to religion if it is used for good, whatever that happens to be. If a person has religious belief in order to be a better person, to understand what it means to be human or if they have had such a deep emotional experience that having faith is the only path for them, I will not diminish their experience by my lack of belief.

The Best Anniversary Ever

On August 27th, 2005, my husband Elijah, my brother Loren and our friend Jeremiah and I embarked on a short tour of BC and Alberta playing the music of our Ween cover band Japanese Cowboy. We were all in our twenties and thirties and my first son was over two years away from making his arrival. Elijah and I had been married for six years, together for nearly nine, so it should have been a halcyon, carefree time but owing to family circumstances beyond our control, it was not. Elijah and I were tired and we desperately needed a distraction.


It has been well over a year since my last blog post. Why the delay? Any marketing expert will tell a small business owner to post regularly. I’m a voice teacher and a performer so I should be full of pithy, witty insights on music and I should be posting notifications of all of my gigs. What happened this year? I have plenty of material but I have been waiting for something meaningful to write about. It is also difficult to write when you are mentally and physically exhausted from the day’s routine. One cannot write and teach and look after kids at the same time.

Oh Canadian Mosaic!

2017 marks the 150th year since Canada became a nation so on Saturday, March 4th at 8:00 pm, Laudate will be performing a lovely programme of Canadian

Oh Connection!

I’ve written about human connection on this blog before and clearly I’m not finished writing about it. Perhaps it’s my middle age but as I get older, I am beginning to understand the vital importance of human connection in all its messiness and glory. For this blog post, I have several stories to share – stories of a summer that I spent learning more about being connected with humanity.

The Armchair Feminist

It’s now the start of summer though given the amount of rain and a scorching daytime high of 17 degrees, I question the season. Still, it’s time for another blog. This one has nothing to do with singing and music but it has quite a bit to do with swim suits and the beach weather that will come eventually – it has to. Jump in.

Seven Things I Learned as an Adjudicator in Terrace, BC

For the last two weeks of April of this year, I was the vocal adjudicator for the Pacific Northwest Music Festival, held annually in Terrace, BC. It was my first time adjudicating a music festival like this one and it was such a wonderful experience. I have never written my blog in the following point form style; however, this way of writing seems more fitting for this entry. Here are some lessons that I learned from a week as an adjudicator.

Fortune Favours the Bold

Ramblings of a Possible Synestetic

I often mix certain pieces of music that I'm singing or listening to with other senses such as smell or with particular feelings or even with works of literature. I realize that crossing all of these wires together may put me into the odd ball camp but finding odd people in the arts is so common that it's almost not worth mentioning.

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