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Tenth Anniversary of Second Take or Why I Have Not Put Out Another Album In Ten Years

Monday, March 30, 2015 - 12:49

It has been ten years since I released my second album Second Take; I have not put out another album since then nor do I have any foreseeable plans to do so. Why? After all, I consider myself to be a singer/songwriter, don't I? The answer is Life. The last ten years have seen births and deaths and a prolonged losing battle to save a loved one from severe mental illness coupled with drug addiction. When the most important events of one's life occur, there is usually little room for much else.

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Laudate Turns Twenty

Friday, March 6, 2015 - 01:16

This weekend (Sat., March 7th), the chamber choir in which I sing, Laudate Singers will perform their twentieth anniversary concert. The choir first started in September 1995, thus making this chamber choir in North Vancouver twenty years old this year. Lars Kaario, the founding and current conductor has commissioned choral works for the choir from the very beginning so most of the pieces will feature past commissions and one current commission along with some of Lars' favourite pieces by John Tavener, Arvo Part and others.

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Christmas Time is Here

Friday, December 12, 2014 - 01:01

I love Christmas. Yes, it's very hectic, especially if you're a classically trained singer. This is the one time of the year when female singers can get a decent amount of work. I manage and sing in the Caminando Carolers of course, I sing in the Angelus Singers (another excellent caroling group in Vancouver) and I have my own solo voice and piano act. The Laudate Singers also have some big concerts in December. Yes, I make some extra money at this time of year as a performer and that is nice.

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The year begins

Sunday, August 31, 2014 - 23:42

It has been a year since the last time I wrote a blog entry. Maybe the explanation for this lack of activity can be found in the previous blog entry appropriately titled "In Praise of Sloth". A better explanation is that I'm a middle aged working mother who never even "surfed" the net until my early twenties and never had a computer with internet access until I was 25. I enjoy technology and its benefits but it is still a somewhat unfamiliar thing for me. I still use a paper day timer and I'm only now about to get a smart phone (iPhone or Android - I can't decide).

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In Praise of Sloth

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 15:34

I confess that I am generally a lazy person; probably not a good statement to put on a website that's for professional use. Now, that's not to write that I don't take vocal technique and artistry or performance seriously - I do. I consider it to be almost a moral failing to show up underprepared for a rehearsal or a gig. Bad, diva-esque attitude from anyone at a rehearsal or a gig provokes anger in me. While I tolerate it when students show up for a lesson without having practiced, I certainly don't like it. Wherever I am working, I take some pride in doing a good job.

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Miriam's studio is located in the Fraserview area of Vancouver. Rates for individual voice, piano and theory lessons are $19.00 for 30 minutes or $37.00 for 60 minutes.

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Friendly environment, very encouraging and free to do what we wanted to.

Atmosphere was relaxed and Miriam ensured everyone participated at a smooth pace.

Very good teaching method.

I find her leadership inspiring.

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